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Many women of her age still forgive themselves those small and big fall-downs, they believe that they have time to do what they dream of and that they are still at the beginning. Perhaps that is the truth.

It is also true that this is the story about woman who walked world catwalks, established Fashion Agency Venera, founded and created Sarajevo Fashion Week and magazine Fashion. She also actively engaged at the Institute of education at the Chamber of Commerce.

The list of her activities is truly long.

Everything that she accomplished surprised the most skeptic people, who admired her even they tried to cover it, which is simply human being attribute. What really leave you breathless is that all she managed to do was done in Bosnia and Herzegovina, small country in transition who just escaped war period, with all problems that apply to all societies in transition.

Everything that you have red in this text so far could make you think that she is really ambitious, army trained, strong, very practical and well organized lady who exclusively follows the rule.

Actually she is one gentle woman who would easily cry or smile, whenever she truly feels like it.

She is always trying to make people around her happy, she approaches them with open and clear hart, she notices beauty in small every day things that on first sight could look as less significant but in reality the most important things.

She is mother of two wonderful sons that never gets tired to spend time with them.

She is someone whose friendship is precious and something to cherish. Her energy that came out from nothing else but pure love and passion for what she does.

Her name is Amela Radan.

Out of all her achievements she is the most proud of her harmonized and happy family. Her husband Predrag who gives her unselfish support and with whom she has great relations that someone could only dream about, their two wonderful sons, 13 year old Arijan and ten year old Enej.

“When someone believes in herself and knows her goals, when she walks her way with open hart, with faith in what she does, and in every step she takes she fully gives herself, that is when her dream becomes reality.”

She had dreams about fashion scene in Bosnia that she could not say out loud to anyone but her family. Those who could help and give her chance simply did not understand her or did not pay attention to her ideas and vision. Luckily for all of us who love Bosnian capital Sarajevo, this did not stop her.

“This is the world in which I live and love. Very often I think about fashion as virus. Ones you are contaminated that love and passion is incurable. It is impossible to live any other way”- says Amela.

Mostly thanks to this lady, Bosnia and Herzegovina has its fashion scene. BIH designers presented their collections in fashion centers throughout the world and confirmed their knowledge and creativity. Sarajevo Fashion Week founded by Amela Radan in just five years of existence became institution that opened door of magnificent world of fashion. The enormous energy that Ms. Radan unselfishly transfers into her environment and people around her was so powerful to bring back to life the destroyed fashion scene in Bosnia. She also gave hope and solid support to those close to her in this business.

“Someone has to give its maximum all the time and it will always come back. Human being has the highest value and that should be recognized” this is main motto Amela Radan likes to stress often. The most interesting Amela’s trait is that she always searches for beauty. Pure, undamaged beauty. She uses this trait completely unconsciously as her strongest weapon against everyone else who tries to create obstacles and problems on her way. Simply: she is unstoppable.

Amela worked as hostess during Sarajevo Winter Olympic games in 1984. She has never dreamed about cover magazines and catwalks, but her unusual beauty and charisma had to be noticed. Soon she started to work as model. Beginning of 1990. she left her successful career and straight from the catwalk entered peaceful family life.

Her came back in the fashion world happened in 1996. as Fashion Manager. She founded Fashion Agency Venera; her dream about beauty became reality.

In this Agency she introduced Project of educating youngsters through fashion field and that had significance having in mind post war years when there was very little to offer to our children and young people. Amela took many of young creative people around Europe to show them how fashion capitals function. She showed them the way they should take in order to make their dreams come true.

Amel continued her educative mission in Chamber of BIH Foreign Trade in the field of business dress code.

Sometimes her life became chaos due to her running all the time between the airports, business meetings, and her family on the other side. There are days when she is sleepless, and days that are not long enough. However she functions the best in this creative disorder.

She also founded Fashion magazine “Why not” that became Life Style magazine “Fashion” with introduction of Sarajevo Fashion Week. This way she was able to make strongest relations between Fashion designers, BIH Fashion Industry with world designers. Fashion magazine offers extremely interesting content not only related to the world of fashion.

The most significant achievements of this gentle and beautiful lady with extraordinary energy are in leveling of BIH Fashion scene, directing Fashion Industry businesses, support and affirmation BIH fashion designers, and fashion production.

Main goals were achieved: Fashion scene reached its affirmation in BIH and BIH fashion was recognized in the world. Besides this, Sarajevo Fashion Week, Amela Radan’s deed, continues in affirmation of BIH designers, BiH brands and production, and offers them contact with clients very important for their future development.

Ms. Radan and Sarajevo Fashion Week have made important world fashion names coming to Sarajevo: Alviero Martini, Marianne Haddorn, Verica Rakocevic and many others. They brought the spirit of world fashion centers to Sarajevo accepting at the same time our friendliness and hospitality but also seriousness, authentic and potential of BIH Fashion scene.

“If you ever get chance to participate in Sarajevo Fashion Week use it, since Sarajevo is at the level of London, Paris, Milan, but the feeling that you will experience in Sarajevo is unique”, said Alviero Martini.

Amela Radan gets invitations to attend the most important world fashion events in fashion centers where they recognized her as Fashion revolutionary in the Balkan.

“I am positive that one day I leave fashion world, Sarajevo Fashion Week will continue its existence on solid base that we have built”-said Amela Radan in her speech at the closing event of Spring 2005 Sarajevo Fashion Week that was shown under motto “Life line, heart line, future line.”

Following her own heart line, Mrs. Radan achieved her dreams; Fashion magazine, Sarajevo Fashion Week and SFW Studio Fashion, closed BH Fashion scene circle.

Although it seems that Amela Radan reached the top in her occupation, whoever knows her would say that Amela tries to win the world with BIH beauty.

They also know that she will not stop there. She is full of positive energy and ideas and she does not let ideas go away. She realizes them.

To write news article about great woman that you admire at the same time is not an easy thing to do. From the ocean of interesting and important that Amela had to say, it is hard to choose what is the most interesting and the most important story about this above anything special and different human being who can look behind her and say that her life was not spent for nothing, and her dreams were not placed in long time forgotten draws, covered with the dust.

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