Sarajevo Fashion Week - Retrospective

Some things and happenings can be measured by time and anniversaries. We do not need that. All invested energy and love that we intend to use unselfishly are immeasurable by any measurement including time measurement. Therefore we are not going to talk about it. It is true that behind us are fashion successes that placed Sarajevo at higher level of importance on world charts. Sarajevo today is the capital that twice a year, during spring and autumn shows no difference from other world fashion centers. With pride these eight years Fashion Week carries magical stitch that tides us to the world of beauty, glamour and magic. Everything that was happening during eight years seemed like magic tale. The magic of Fashion Week that carry us again and again, takes us over completely fulfilled. It is impossible to imagine those who would be ignorant and wouldn’t feel special being part of this magic world. Uninformed could say that fashion is something superficial, empty and unreal picture. It is practically art. Otherwise how could we explain feeling of admire while looking at designer’s piece or at gracious model wearing the piece. Don’t you think that the famous world designers consider themselves artist at the first place? To create from the bulk of textile impressive sculpture and beauty; it is talent that only few posses. The biggest world fashion names were not only privilege for famous European fashion centers; they also came to Sarajevo and paid respect to Sarajevo audience. The real question is: Where should we really start? The most important fact is that Sarajevo’s audience would still feel hunger and all others would live in ignorance if there were no endless enthusiasm and energy that concedes even with stubborn that Amela Radan possesses. Unbelievably few people work with Mrs. and Mr. Radan in supporting such manifestation as Sarajevo Fashion Week is. Great effort, immeasurable work of Sarajevo Fashion Week team made possible to name Sarajevo world fashion center. what we really are. It is proved by prides for professionalism and quality that are coming to us from the very beginning from all sides of the world and that is continuing process. Would one of the greatest Holland’s designer (Frans Molenaar), famous names of French Fashion scene, famous Italian designer (Alviero Martini) came to Sarajevo to present their collections if they haven’t had confirmation of our quality?!…But as in anything else the hardest thing is to get the confirmation of your value in your own environment. The whole story has completely different dimension since the work is done under difficult economic and social conditions. Far back in 1996 Studio SFW team was engaged actively in creating fashion scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And we literally think “creating” since fashion scene was almost dead due to four years of war time period. At the beginning of this process we worked with cutest models ever – our little models, children. Many of them grew up and stayed with Studio SFW and the Agency years after. Today they are TV journalists in local and world media, speakers, VIPs, winners of state or world beauty contests, successful students, family people. Many our young models and designers have left Bosnia and Herzegovina and traveled throughout Europe, to Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, and other continents such as Africa, Asia, visiting Thailand, Bangkok, Nairobi, Manila, etc. We were led by our enthusiasm in trying to make true professionals out of pool of young people. In Sarajevo these days you can not find any successful model that has not pass through our school of modeling. Studio SFW and Amel Radan enjoyed confidence of most eminent world Fashion’s Agencies, such as Ford, Metropolitan, Miss Earth, Elite, and has excellent business relations with their Regional Agents. We funded Sarajevo Fashion Week since April 2000. It was completely new experience for all of us to organize, for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, fashion event at such level. Many models for the first time experienced real content of modeling job and have taken their first steps on the catwalk thanks to Fashion Week. Besides BIH models, there were models from other countries – Iva Radic Balaban, Danijela Alavanja, Iris Androsevic, Jasmina Hadagha, as well as world top models these days Andrijana Dejanovic, Jelena Bosancic, Ford’s top model Carolina Viciana, and man top model Adnan Taletovic. For the first time we had teams of make up artists, hair dressers, hostesses, professionally engaged and for all of them it was great opportunity to be part of the manifestation organized on highest level, the world level. Sarajevo Fashion Week was funded not only to place city of Sarajevo side by side to fashion metropolis centers, but at the first place to introduce competitiveness at the domestic market, initiate the development of textile industry, and create opportunity for young designers to show their work and talent and for well known designers establish business contacts and present their work outside of BiH, attending fashion fairs and events around the world. Jasna Hadzimehmedovic Bekric, whose work was connected to Studio SFW from her first collection, was able top present her work in Croatia, Germany and Kenya. Minja Stjepanovic presented her graduation collection in Zurich, Naples and Island. Aleksandra Lovric presented her collection in Athens. Ata Omerbasic was presented in Croatia, Island and Germany. Nermina Varesanovic attended textile fair in Paris. Gordana Zucic whose real beginning was at Sarajevo Fashion Week presented her collection in Manila, Philippines. Amna Kunovac Zekic, who had presented her work in 1996 in Paris and Düsseldorf, was invited again to Germany. Irma Saje, Adnan Hajrulahovic, Ata Omerbasic, Emina and Nermina Hodzic, Nermina Varesanovic, Selma Kronje… attended Düsseldorf, Paris and Belgrade Textile Fair in Studio SFW and GTZ organization. The majority of them went the road from their first collection shown during Sarajevo Fashion Week to well established designers and owners of Gallery or Workshop. Emina Husedzinovic and Dragica Gudeljevic designers that are not under umbrella of Studio SFW Association began their first presentations during Sarajevo Fashion Week. We are very proud of the fact that special attention is paid to our young and not yet established BiH designers. For all of them it is huge step to be able to present their collections and work at this manifestation with such high criteria, but also step that helps their future existence. Also our goal is to strengthen significance of domestic textile industry and therefore we promote BiH brands and textile companies during Sarajevo Fashion Week. All these years Borac Travnik, Pavone, Granoff, Kras, etc present their collections. What makes us proud is international character of our manifestation and cooperation with many organizations (e.g. GTZ and SIPPO) and embassies. Sarajevo Fashion Week is attended by many models and designers from the Region, Europe and the whole world. Since 2000 the audience in Sarajevo saw collections of famous designers from Switzerland (Marianne Hadorn), Germany (Lars-Friedrich Hild), France (Emmerick Francois, Katharine Pradau), Sweden (Keis Hadd), Holland (Percy Irausquin, Jan Timiniau), Great Briatin (Kristian Aadnevik), Kenya (John Kaveke), also world famous designer Pierre Cardin and Frans Molenaar (this year in Sarajevo he presented his 80th collection), Alviero Martini (created special dress from BIH flag for Sarajevo Fashion Week- the dress was presented around the world), and many others whose names unfortunately can not be mentioned. Every Sarajevo Fashion Week has its own specifics and warmness, and joy because of new meetings, friendships or repeated encounters; has glamorous aura that makes everything more exiting and sparkling. There is always satisfaction for the job well done and satisfaction of being surrounded by friends. Sarajevo Fashion Week became important and recognizable brand that many manifestations in Sarajevo tried to adopt without paying attention to how much work and responsibility someone needs to invest to justify use of Sarajevo Fashion Week name. That is why we can see many fashion weeks in BIH these days, and those organizers conscienceless about international character as must have for such manifestations. Only Sarajevo Fashion Week has justified this name shared with other world fashion metropolis. During First Sarajevo Fashion Week we had hosted 16 countries, and we were incorporated to calendars of world fashion events, as recommendation by famous designers. Sarajevo Fashion Week became institution even covered by famous BIH media, Region and world media still has its magic that can not be transferred to the outside world no matter how long you speak or write about it. It is really hard to catch on the paper everything that Sarajevo Fashion Week is and what will become. There are too much memories, impressions and facts that you can easily express Sarajevo Fashion Week’s essence and magnitude. It is hard to realize for someone who is not completely devoted to it. For far better writers can be difficult to explain magic by words. One thing is for sure: Sarajevo Fashion Week on its own way, persistently and devotedly, with love, writes pages of fashion history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Fashion Magazine 2006.





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